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This Month’s Focus: Excipients & Formulation

Developing oral controlled-release drug products

This article describes the various types of oral controlled-release (OCR) dosage forms and discusses the factors to consider when developing an OCR drug product.

Using next-generation HPMC polymers as an alternative to gelatin for hard capsules

As formulators increasingly prioritize speed to market, innovations have led to next-generation HPMC capsules that provide consistent dissolution performance, prevent crosslinking, and improve compatibility with moisture-sensitive APIs. This article describes how these differentiators provide drug developers seeking immediate-release dosage forms with an alternative to gelatin capsules.

Taste masking orally disintegrating tablet formulations

Orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs) are rising in popularity because of their ease of administration and improved patient compliance, creating the need for excipients that enable both taste masking and rapid disintegration. This article describes a method for taste masking ODT formulations by coating the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with an aqueous ethylcellulose polymer dispersion combined with different plasticizers.

Excipients and continuous manufacturing

This article discusses the role of excipients in the pharmaceutical industry’s adoption of continuous manufacturing and describes ways in which stakeholders can facilitate the transition to continuous processes.

How understanding material deformation characteristics can improve tableting process scale-up

This article describes how material deformation characteristics can influence tableting performance and explains how understanding your excipients’ deformation characteristics can help you plan for successful process scale-up.

Back Page: Current discussions in Europe regarding titanium dioxide safety

This article discusses a planned ban on food products containing titanium dioxide in France and its potential implications for the pharmaceutical industry.

General Features

Blending and tablet compression: Air percolation

This article is the first in a two-part series discussing how blending practices can influence tablet compression. The second part will appear in Tablets & Capsules’ September 2019 issue.

Spotlight on Nutraceuticals: Dust collection systems for dietary supplement manufacturing processes

This article discusses the significance of dust collectors in the nutraceutical industry and describes a procedure for verifying a dust collection system’s efficiency.

SupplySide West preview

SupplySide West—a trade show that provides educational and networking resources for professionals in the dietary supplement, food, beverage, personal care and sports nutrition industries—takes place October 15-19 in Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV. Organizers anticipate more than 1,300 exhibitors and 17,000 attendees from the health and nutrition industry.

Spotlight on Nutraceuticals: Make it or break it: How tablet design and tooling choice can help or hinder nutraceutical manufacture

Tableting can be a challenge for nutraceutical manufacturers, especially if the tooling used is not appropriately designed for the formulation. This article discusses tablet-design and tool-steel considerations that can lengthen tooling service life and boost production.

September Content

Instrumentation and data acquisition on R&D tablet presses

Flashing during tablet compression

Developing combination products with liquid-filled hard capsules

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January: Capsule Filling

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June: Solid Dosage Sourcebook

July: Excipients & Formulation

September: Tableting

October: Quality, Validation & Regulatory Compliance

November: Annual Buyer’s Guide

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