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This Month’s Focus: Outsourcing

Good advice: The value of outside expertise

Outside expertise is critical to the success of virtual companies and small startups. It’s also important to large manufacturers. In the is article, experts from different areas of the industry discuss their work and how it contributes to their clients’ success.

Patheon installs Bosch contained capsule filler, first in North America

The encapsulator—designed and built for containment—will begin commercial production this summer.

Back Page: BAT signal

How might the election of Donald Trump affect the CMO/CDMO sector?

General Features

How polymer science is changing the functional role of capsules

New developments in polymer science and engineering are broadening the role that capsules play in drug delivery, formulation science, and medical research. Today’s array of capsules enables formulators to offer safer, more effective treatments for patients and consumers.

Elemental analysis by WD-XRF: A simplified approach

Using wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) to assess elemental impurities eliminates the need to prepare a solution and is more suitable for manufacturing settings. This article summarizes the advantages of a direct method of solid analysis and of direct analysis of a cup of finished tablets without sample preparation.

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 199: A new tool for specifying pharmaceutical dust collection equipment

This article reviews how Standard 199 differs from previous test standards, how it measures dust collector performance, and how end-users can best apply its methodology in tandem with other guidelines and standards. The information will help you make more informed decisions about purchasing traditional and contained dust collection equipment.

Benefits of a laser-based system to measure the solid fraction of compacted ribbons and tablets

Using a laser-based method to measure the solid fraction (SF) of compacted ribbons and tablets is faster than traditional methods and more reproducible because it’s operator independent. It also simplifies the transfer of products to new equipment.

Eye on Excipients: Updates and harmonization of USP standards

This edition of the column discusses the updates to and harmonization of excipient USP-NF standards and the importance of stakeholder engagement.

April Content

Improving tablet coating efficiency

Coaters: Summary of three techniques

Softgels: Testing for leakers

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