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This Month’s Focus: Outsourcing

Advancing poorly soluble drugs to the clinic: Rapid development of tablet formulations using milligrams of API

This article describes a streamlined approach to generating clinical formulations for poorly soluble compounds using milligram quantities of API. The article includes a case study in which formulators quickly determine the optimal formulation and manufacturing method for a particularly challenging drug candidate, enabling advancement to clinical trials.

Formulating drug products with complex APIs

This article provides guidance to help formulators develop solid oral drug products using complex active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Parsolex expands manufacturing capabilities

Parsolex is a contract development and manufacturing services organization (CDMO) that works with clients involved in the research, development, and commercialization of non-sterile pharmaceutical products. The company’s clients include small, large, and virtual pharmaceutical companies; research universities; clinical research organizations; and hospitals.

Back Page: Pharma’s move toward small-batch processing

In the pharmaceutical industry, batch manufacturing has long been standard practice. Making batches bigger drove down unit cost because of high fixed costs on a per-batch basis. Historically, market demand has supported this strategy, but bigger batch sizes are no longer better. As blockbuster drugs lose patent protections—and sponsors, distributors, and patients seek ever-greater flexibility in terms of access, cycle times, and cost—the pharmaceutical industry is moving toward smaller batch processing.

General Features

Strategic use of oral drug delivery systems in the lifecycle management of consumer healthcare products

Building brand equity and driving organic growth continues to be a challenge for marketers of oral consumer healthcare products, including both over-the-counter (OTC) drug products and vitamin, mineral, and dietary supplement (VMS) products. This article reviews the benefits of novel oral drug delivery systems to product performance and user satisfaction and provides examples of brands that have successfully incorporated new drug delivery systems into their product lines.

Customize to cut costs: How product-specific slats can optimize the bottle-filling process

This article discusses the benefits of using product-specific slats on solid dosage bottle-filling machines, including increasing fill accuracy and rate, decreasing product loss, and speeding the bottling process.

Eye on Excipients: Gelatin versus HPMC hard capsules

Capsule manufacturers consider many factors when designing and producing hard capsules. Consumer trends are often key considerations, and the industry seeks to accommodate niche demands and cater to small market populations. Although gelatin-based hard capsules continue to dominate the hard-capsule market, use of plant-based hard capsules is growing quickly due to the demands of vegans and vegetarians.

March Content

Taste masking minitablets in a drum coater

Effects of cleaning agents on softgel capsules

Drum coater design and construction

Issue Focuses

January: Capsule Filling

March: Outsourcing

April: Coating

May: Packaging

June: Solid Dosage Sourcebook

July: Excipients & Formulation

September: Tableting

October: Quality, Validation & Regulatory Compliance

November: Annual Buyer’s Guide

Tablets & Capsules Technical Article Guidelines

Tablets & Capsules is the world’s only publication dedicated to solid dosage forms. Our readers are the people responsible for the formulation, production, and packaging of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical tablets and capsules in North America. Each issue reaches about 10,000 readers whose job functions include R&D, QC, engineering, and operations. All are technical decision-makers who need practical information.

T&C’s technical articles are written by technical professionals for technical professionals. But they are a collaborative effort: You provide the content and expertise, and T&C’s editors tailor your article to T&C’s audience.

For sample topics and details on how to submit an article and share your expertise, download the full technical article guidelines below or contact the editor.

Contact the editor:
Nate Todd
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St. Paul, MN 55120
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Capsule Filling
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1. Test & Inspection Equipment
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Solid Dosage Sourcebook
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