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This Month’s Focus: Packaging

Is blockchain the key to protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain?

This article discusses blockchain’s potential as an anti-counterfeiting tool in the pharmaceutical industry.

Custom manifold relieves antacid manufacturer’s bottling woes

British pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) manufactures the popular Tums line of antacid products. The company’s primary production and packaging facility for Tums is located in downtown St. Louis, MO, where pharmacist James Howe invented the Tums brand nearly a century ago. Recently, the site faced a difficult challenge when the company wanted to launch a new bottle size and style on a limited time frame to meet growing demand for its Tums Chewy Bites product.

PCI Pharma expands bottling capacity to meet customer demand

In March 2018, PCI began construction on a project to expand the bottling-line capacity at its commercial packaging site in Rockford, IL. The Rockford site is the biggest in the company’s 20-facility global network and includes both commercial and clinical primary and secondary packaging, powder blending and manufacturing, and on-site analytical laboratory services, as well as logistical services for clinical trials, including storage and global distribution. The site features expansive cold-chain and ultra-cold support as well as DEA Schedule I through V controlled-substance support.

General Features

Identifying and mitigating unwanted particle breakage

This article explains how to test for, quantify, and mitigate unwanted particle breakage in bulk solids handling processes.

Techceuticals offers team training for manufacturing success

Training is an important aspect of successful pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production, but it is often overlooked due to a lack of time and resources. This article describes a training program suitable for solid dosage manufacturing employees at every level of experience.

Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting & Exposition preview

The 46th annual Controlled Release Society (CRS) meeting and exposition will take place July 21-24 at the Palacio de Congresos de València, in Valencia, Spain. More than 1,200 industry and academic
professionals focused on drug delivery, pharmaceutical science, consumer and diversified products, pre-clinical science, and animal health are expected to attend this year’s show.

Containment strategies and smart monitoring in solid oral dosage production

Containment is critical in both active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing and solid oral dosage form (SODF) production involving highly potent compounds. This article examines how containment valves and wireless monitoring can improve worker safety and manufacturing efficiency.

Eye on Excipients: Calcium phosphates in direct-compression tableting

This edition of Eye on Excipients describes the benefits of using calcium phosphate excipients in direct-compression (DC) tableting applications and compares several DC calcium phosphate types.

Back Page: Civica Rx: A disruptive solution for generic drug shortages

Chronic generic drug shortages have been a problem in the US for more than a decade, and more than 200 drugs have been on and off the FDA’s shortage list in recent years. The stories about how these shortages impact patients are profoundly moving.

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