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For more than 60 years, Elizabeth has offered total tableting solutions to the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Our products include, Elizabeth compression tooling (punches and dies), Hata & Eliza-Press rotary tablet presses, Scheu & Kniss press parts & turrets, and blister packaging format tooling & feeders. Your global source for tableting solutions.
Tri-Star Technologies
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Our website offers information on Tri-Star's Cold Laser series marking systems, which provide clear, permanent, and tamper-proof identification such as text, barcodes, or graphics for tablets and gelatin capsules on the production line or already in blister packs. Content includes links to videos, a slide show, and a product brochure.
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VAC-U-MAX website offers an overview of pharmaceutical process automation systems for bulk material transfer of free- to non-free-flowing powders, flakes, granules, tablets, capsules, gel caps, and more. Product range and application expertise includes USDA-accepted sanitary receivers for feeder refill, tablet press loading, gain-in-weight batching, blender loading, bag dump stations, mobile conveying systems, and more.
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Kikusui offers both lab-scale and production tablet presses that include multilayer, dry coater, WIP/containment, and exchangeable-turret technologies. Our broad line of models includes the Aquarius G press with high-speed exchangeable turret, the Aquarius LD lab-scale multi-functional press, the Vela G lab-scale press with exchangeable turret, and the Crux tri-layer single-stroke press.
Suheung Capsules
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Embo Caps VG Alpha vegetarian capsules mimic the filling performance of gelatin. Low water content makes them well-suited for hygroscopic and liquid fills. Clear, high-strength hypromellose capsules have pH-independent disintegration profile and dissolve easily in variety of liquids. They contain no gelling agents, phthalates, starch, GMOs, preservatives, glutens, or allergens.
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Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums manufactures clean-room vacuums, in-line vacuums, pneumatic conveyors, and vacuum containment systems that feature the industry's most powerful motors and advanced filtration systems. These products help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve hygiene and increase production efficiency while fighting cross contamination, potent compounds, and combustible dust. The website features resources for tablet coaters including product specifications, videos, and infographics.
Soft Gel
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Soft Gel Technologies specializes in making premium quality softgel supplements. We are a full-service contract manufacturer dedicated to the production and marketing of branded and scientifically-researched products and custom formulations. We are GMP certified through the NPA/UL and NSF, including NSF's GMP for Sport.
Camfil APC
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In just a few clicks, pharmaceutical manufacturers can find the dust collection equipment they need to protect their facilities from toxic and combustible dusts. A variety of educational resources are available to help facilities stay safe and compliant, including regulatory information, videos, and white papers. The mobile responsive design is compatible with all devices.
Jost Chemical
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Jost manufactures high-purity chemical salts, which remain free-flowing. Jost employs particle size modification technologies to keep the chemical salts free-flowing without introducing any anticaking flow agents. Jost's chemical salts meet published monographs or customer-specific specifications.
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