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Video demonstrates continuous, self-cleaning dust collection, which allows uninterrupted processing while reducing risks of operator exposure and combustible-dust incidents. Without continuous dust collection, many of the processes in the pharmaceutical industry produce dangerous dusts at high concentrations. The Quad Pulse Package was designed specifically to guard against fugitive dust produced by pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.
CMC Machinery
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Cadmach is a leading supplier of pharmaceutical formulation equipment and technologies. It provides customers with a strong commitment to pharmaceutical/nutraceutical formulation across the USA, Canada, Central and South America, and Puerto Rico. We provide technical support personnel, replacement parts, and local sales support. We also offer a test and demonstration laboratory.
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Kikusui offers both lab-scale and production tablet presses that include multi-layer, dry coater, WIP/containment, and exchangeable-turret technologies. Our broad line of models includes Aquarius G press with high-speed exchangeable turret, Aquarius LD lab-scale multi-functional press, Vela G lab-scale press with exchangeable turret, and Crux tri-layer single-stroke press.
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VAC-U-MAX website offers an overview of pharmaceutical process automation systems for bulk material transfer of free- to non-free-flowing powders, flakes, granules, tablets, capsules, gel caps, and more. Product range and application expertise includes USDA-accepted sanitary receivers for feeder refill, tablet press loading, gain-in-weight batching, blender loading, bag dump stations, mobile conveying systems, and more.
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Capsugel—now a Lonza company—designs, develops, and manufactures a wide range of innovative dosage forms for the biopharmaceutical and consumer health and nutrition industries. Our unique combination of science, engineering, formulation, and capsule expertise enables our customers to optimize the bioavailability, targeted delivery, and overall performance of their products.
JRS Pharma
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JRS Pharma proudly introduces the VivaPharm povidone family. Vivapharm PVP K30 (povidone) is the classic wet binder with optimal balance between adhesive strength and ease of handling. VivaPharm PVP/VA 64 (copovidone) is the ultimate tablet binder for all processing technologies. VivaPharm PVPP (crospovidone) offers unsurpassed disintegration performance and versatility.
Suheung Capsules
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Embo Caps VG Alpha vegetarian capsules mimic the filling performance of gelatin. Low water content makes them well-suited for hygroscopic and liquid fills. Clear, high-strength hypromellose capsules have pH-independent disintegration profile and dissolve easily in variety of liquids. They contain no gelling agents, phthalates, starch, GMOs, preservatives, glutens, or allergens.
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Inhalation is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in development and production of pulmonary or nasal delivered pharmaceuticals. Complimentary subscription below.
Tablets & Capsules
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Keep up on all the latest developments in tabletting and encapsulation. Tablets & Capsules is the only technical publication devoted exclusively to readers involved in the formulation, production, and packaging of solid dosage forms and has the in-depth information you need. Start your complimentary subscription today.
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