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This Month’s Focus: Tablet Coating

Selecting a cartridge dust collection system for tablet coating operations

Coating dusts are like snowflakes: No two are alike. The operations themselves also vary widely. This article reviews the variables and standards that you must consider when selecting a dust collection system for tablet coating operations.

Layering an API onto tablets using a perforated-drum coater: A case study

Controlling weight gain is an important factor when applying any coating, but it becomes absolutely critical when the coating contains an API. This article presents a case study that identifies the critical process parameters for developing a consistent and robust coating process that provides in-range results.

Tech Tip

Successfully applying aqueous film coatings requires the correct interaction of 10 or more critical operating parameters. One of them, pattern air, is often overlooked.

General Features

Does IVIVC make sense?

One goal of pharmacokinetic studies is to properly and robustly define in vitro-in vivo correlation of dose dissolution. Do we have adequate evidence?

Spotlight on Nutraceuticals: What standard? Investigation raises questions about DNA testing

Recently, four national retailers were ordered to stop selling dozens of dietary supplements based on results of DNA testing. This article examines the test method and raises questions about the New York investigation predicated on it.

Eye on Excipients: Silica-based excipients, part 3

In this final installment of a three-part series, John McCarty discusses silica’s numerous pharmaceutical applications and functions.

Back Page: Film coatings for dietary supplements

Consumers want the same attributes in dietary supplements that they want in their food: natural and organic.

May Content

Continuous tablet manufacturing
Pharmaceutical loss-in-weight feeders
Traceability and data exchange

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November: Annual Buyer’s Guide

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