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This Month’s Focus: Tabletting

Highly evolved: Today’s tablet presses optimize efficiency in changeover, operation, and maintenance

Today’s top machines accelerate changeover, run faster, and simplify maintenance. This article highlights some of the most important features and options.

Tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility: What’s the difference?

The science of compressing a block of particles or granules into a single tablet can be complicated. That’s where common compression studies can help. This article explains how to develop tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility profiles.

Coated punch tips eliminate sticking, boost production

A major international manufacturer had long struggled with tabletting ibuprofen because it stuck to the punch faces. By applying a thin coating to the tools, the company cut production time by half.

General Features

HPMC capsules gain credibility as alternative to gelatin

This article summarizes the advantages of HPMC capsules over hard gelatin capsules, compares their actual and forecast rates of growth, and documents recent investments in capsule manufacturing by the major suppliers.

Eye on Excipients: The role of distributors

Many companies rely on distributors to supply their excipients. What’s their role?

Back Page: Simple tests to help you develop clean-label tablets and capsules

Learn how changing to “clean” formulations can affect the performance of your tabletting and capsule filling operations.

October Content

Technology transfer of legacy products

Effect of sampling methods on blend uniformity results

Incorporating comprehensive serialization in the US pharma industry

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November: Annual Buyer’s Guide

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